Stage de meneur d'attelageThe hitch, subtile and elegant discipline, gathers more and more followers to practice leisure: from ride to hike, through competitions.

For learning discipline, several schools have emerged. You can learn the hitch as you learn riding in a horse-riding centre, without having neither horse nor car.

Another approach to discipline is to become "groom" for a seasoned leader.

The discipline requires to be at least two: the leader and the groom.

The groom is not an ordinary passenger, he is essential to help to dress and undress the horse and to intervene in case of problems on the road.

Walk after walk, the teacher will teach you all the technical terms: the right word for everything and the basic elements of knowledge.

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martue-17Walking in the heart of the forest, discovering different landscapes on horseback: this is what we offer.

Whether beginner or advanced, desiring a getaway 1 or 2 hours: our exceptional location will allow you to achieve your dreams.

martue-29Whether in spring, summer, fall or winter, all seasons are ideal for long horse rides.

So good riders can enjoy and discover the flora and fauna of our beautiful forest with their horses or horses we rent, alone or with a guide.

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If you want to enjoy a walk in family with small children to the rhythm of horses or donkeys, we can guide you and help you discover different landscapes safely and friendliness. During the ride, every horse or donkey will be held by an adult so your chilren can enjoy the walk with confidence.

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martue-15Enjoy the surroundings differently with a carriage ride.

Take a little height with family or friends, browsing the hiking and cross picturesque villages, get carried away by our horses and their super nice leader. It will make you discover the diversity of the landscapes of the Gaume.

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MariageFor a wedding like no other, if you want an unforgettable, magical and original moment , you can let yourself go to the rhythm of a sumptuous carriage pulled by horses.

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martue-37In a very family friendly atmosphere, we can be present with our faithful horses and carriages during your festive organizations : birthdays, Saint-Nicolas, Santa Claus, the Christmas markets ...
We can also participate at festivities in villages or festivals and this safely.

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